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Top 3 Best Domain Name Generator

Picking a domain name isn’t an easy process anymore due to the thousands of domain names which are already registered and available on the internet. This means that getting a domain name which is unique and accessible is becoming harder. However, tiring the process is you will still need to come up with a domain name. Get a domain name that is brandable, easy to memorize, trustworthy and unique. Below are three tools which will help you in generating unique domain names for your business. They will give you multiple domain name ideas to choose from.

Lean domain search

Lean domain search is a name generator tool which is created by team automatic. The team automatic is the company which works on WordPress, so they have a vast knowledge when it comes to website and domain names. It’s quite easy to use this tool. You have to enter your keyword which describes your speciality, and the tool will do the rest of the work. This domain name generator provides thousands of domain names, and the majority of them can be registered as a .com. Lean domain search should be used by a person who does not have an idea of a domain name but has a keyword that can describe their business.

Business name generator by Shopify

As its name suggests, this tool is created by Shopify. Shopify is among the best and popular e-commerce solutions that you can find on the web. This generator operates the same way as lean domain search. To generator domain names you input a keyword and wait for the suggestions the tool will give you. The domain names which you will get are available as .com, and you can register them on the go.


The domain names which are provided by Nameboy are fascinating especially if your aim is registering a lot of TLDs rather than the usual .com. The tool works better if you already have a name in mind for your domain name. To generate good domain names you should provide the tool with a primary and secondary keyword to combine into one domain name. Another option is that you can also include hyphens in the domain names and also request the domain names generated to rhyme.


If you have no idea of the domain name you want to use the above name generator tools are the best, and they will provide you with thousands of domain names to choose from.

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